Learning to Ride a Bike 

Alfie can’t ride a two wheeled bike but over the last year has learned to ride a trike. This gives Alfie so much support and freedom to now be able to join in with his brother. He can now go to a local park and race his brother on their bikes. Over the past year we have taught Alfie how to steer as well learn to move his legs/feet. Alfies legs tend to move like they are glued together so by fastening Alfie in at the feet this gives him the support he needs. Having the trike helps Alfie build his muscles such as quads which will help after surgery too. It also helps train Alfie’s brain and legs to move his legs separately while building core strength in his tummy and giving him the correct sitting posture. This is all great to prepare him before surgery as well as to help him make vast improves after surgery. While Alfie feels happy and free, being able to join in, he doesn’t know that this is also a kind of Physio for him working those muscles! By the end of a little bike ride, Alfie is usually extremely worn out but Alfie’s non the wiser as at 9 he is out playing on his bike like all children do.
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Pushing for independence

Alfie had a very tiring week but still managed to work hard in Physio today. Still pushing himself even though he’s in pain. Conductive education not only helps him with Physio but gives him life skills to keep pushing forward to become independent.As you can see in Alfies face he is in pain , but does not give up , as long as Alfie keeps giving his best we will keep doing ours to raise the £50,000 to help him get up and walk , just like his friends at school 👫

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far , means alot 💙 #HelpAlfieWalk