This past week Physio has proven to be difficult as Alfie had lost motivation and became so exhausted struggling to participate in a session but today he went above and beyond managing a full hour. 
He has done some beautiful side/forward and backward stepping on his high knees with support. Hes also did sit to standing with some awesome stretching while playing a huge connect four. This was impossible a week ago. 
The Physio team here like to play lots of games with children which is a fun and clever way of getting them to do Physio without them knowing- I’m also learning a lot too. 

Alfie finally finished this lovely piece of art below. This was done through balancing and lots of knee stepping over the week. 

His dressing has been taken off today too, his back is looking pretty well considering. Medicines have been reduced- today has been a good day 

I’m proud of him everyday but even more so today. 👣👣 I feel I finally have my boy back ☺️

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