Alfie attends one to one swimming lessons with a guy called Paul every Wednesday, for Alfie this isn’t just a lesson, it’s Physio too, to help him learn to control his body and strengthen muscles. Being in water helps Alfies muscles relax a little more than they would on land. Paul has been working hard with Alfie for a number of years now, tonight I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned to watch Alfie. Although he was on tip toes he took some steps without any support while maintaining balance! My eyes welled up, I’ve never seen Alfie move without a piece of equipment or someone holding him up. Before Alfie would just fall over in water too as he had no balance. I pray for him to have SDR surgery which will enable him to be free of the nasty spasticity allowing him to improve his quality of life and take his first steps on land too. SDR Is life changing. Alfie is absolutely over joyed with himself.