During the past week mam has been run down leading to passing her bugs and illnesses on to both Alfie and his brother Alex. Unfortunately when this happens it’s a struggle for both mam and Alfie because Alfies muscles are affected more due to his tone becoming worse. On this occasion Alfies muscle medicines have also had to be stopped which has caused more of a struggle. It’s been very difficult for Alfie to do so much Physio while being poorly due to no energy and being so weak but they have persisted with what they could do so his muscles don’t seize up as much. His muscles are severely tighter than they usually would be.

Now that Alfie is starting to feel a little better, they are going to have to start building his muscles medicines back up as well as Physio. 

To do this mam will need to do Physio little and often through out each day instead of 3 full hourly sessions and using equipments. 

Here’s a short vid of Alfie this morning. 

As you can see he’s not 100% but is really trying his best and as he’s our fighter he’s not giving in. He usually can do between 10-15 sit ups through each session but as you can see he’s struggling to do more than a handful.