Morning everyone

We like to keep things as positive as possible because we all know how much Alfie is a happy boy who smiles but last night was so traumatic for Alfie and myself.

He has been up and down with pain, last night it took a turn for the worse and no amount of meds would work, in the end the doctors had no choice but to sedate Alfie which instantly knocked him to sleep because of the dosage as they were worried he’s damaged his back due to how distressed he became.

This morning we have to wait for the surgeon and the neuro team to come around and check his back and try and find out what the problem is.

It’s doesn’t look like he will be released from hospital and more than like won’t be able to start his first Physio session due to last night.

I just want my baby back to himself. Pain does awful things and last night it wasn’t Alfie we were dealing with.

Please keep him in your thoughts