Great news guys we are currently at £37,637 💙👣We would just like to say until any monies are put into Alfie’s Trust Fund Account then it can not be accounted for as we haven’t physically recieved it

We are so grateful to every single one of you who has helped with Alfie and continue to support him in getting him up on his feet. 👣👣👣👣

Once we hit 50k and have it in his account we will be able to book him in for that life changing operation 💙👣

As a family we will still need to continue to fundraise for Alfie as we will also need to cover a 3rd year of aftercare and specialised equipment but our main aim is to smash that 50k and get a date asap before he deteriorates too much.
Aftercare & intense Physio etc will play a massive part in getting Alfie up and walking , it’s a long road of around 2 years before we will hopefully see him up walking unaided. 
Won’t be an easy road or even a straight forward road but nothing is ever easy in life and I’m sure Alfie will thank us later in life 

#Helpalfiewalk #SDR #Leeds