Fundraising continues 

Big shout out to everyone at today’s fundraising event for Alfie at south tees motor park doing endourence motor race 
(( Been told not everyone who helped and took part in today are in photo ))

Hope you all enjoyed today and didn’t get too cold 🙈

Lots of love Alfie and his fundraising team 💙👣

£14,000 steps. Wow 

🎉 We have now hit a massive £14,000 🎉
We would like to Thank everyone for the support these past 11 weeks it’s not been easy but the generosity of you all has helped massively towards getting Alfie his dream #Towalk
👣💙 We will not give up , we will continue to get that £50,000 we will get Alfie up and walking , playing football living like a normal 9 year old child 

Have an amazing Christmas everyone , Eat lots , get merry and appreciate what you have 🎁🎄🎅

Alfie’s Progress 

Just a little update on Alfies progress, Alfie continues to work hard because he knows reaching at least 50k goal for him to have a life changing operation is key to been able to change his life for the better in gaining his independence in life as well as learning to walk unaided. He has been given a mixture of different exercises and Physio to concentrate on at home over the Christmas holidays as its vital for Alfie to continue with his Physio throughout his daily life. This is going to leave him in more pain as he will be using muscles he doesn’t usually use and putting his legs in positions his body wouldn’t do. There are two main areas, these are; to work on his normal Physio and exercises as well as concentrating on adding new ones he’s been given to do if we want to maintain his range of motion and try to prevent his muscles becoming stiffer and the other one is when we work on muscle strengthening and improvement of the level of independence so that when Alfie does have his surgery he won’t be as weak as we initially think he’ll be, allowing him to build on a steady progress.

The surgeon, Alfies consultants or mam don’t know how weak Alfies muscles are until he’s had the surgery so by continuing to work on each muscle 3 times a day by building them up correctly will show and make a difference to Alfie becoming independent after surgery. We don’t want the nasty spasticity and high tone winning leading Alfie into a wheelchair so Alfie and mam will continue to fight against it until they have reached their goal of having SDR which will help enormously by changing both their lives completely. 

#teamwork #SDR #Alfie #Leeds

Amazing and Thank you 

Wow just Wow from updating £10,117 a few hours ago , another donation made to take us to …. £11,646 within 10 weeks
Thankyou to every single one of you who has donated , shared and talked about Alfie with family and friends 💙👣

This is all down to you kind people

The support is amazing from the bottom of our heart we are so grateful  

Love Melanie and Annie 💖

And a big smile from Alfie 👣💙👣

A visit to Heerema

Alfie visiting Heerema today. Thank you guys for your contribution in supporting Alfie.Us team fundraisers, Alfie and family are really grateful for yours and everyone else’s help in helping Alfie take his first steps. 

Thank you for also putting a smile on his brother Alex’s face too. He feels very special.

We would love £10k before Christmas 

Wow another donation has just come in from the very kind Jim Croll , he has been playing santa and raised £305 ..
This now takes us up to our 9th step

£9000 with online and offline donations.

Would love to hit £10,000 by Christmas day so Matt Haycox has to open his piggy bank to match it 😂😂😂
🌟£1000 = 1 Step

🌟 Need to take 50 steps to get Alfie that life changing operation 💙

🌟 Steps so far we have made 9 …

🌟 Steps left to take 41 …
Lets get Alfie that life changing operation 💙👣💙
 #Walk #SDR #Leeds

£800 in one day 👍👍

Today we set up in Middleton Grange Shopping Centre and wow what a day it has been …. Today alone we raised £800 
A big Thankyou to everyone who helped today , you know who you are 💙👣
Same again tomorrow ladies and gents 8am – 6pm

But bigger and better. We have DJ , Paw Patrol Characters , Olaf , x4 sponsored bike rides going , Tombolas
And….. what ever is put into just giving the very generous Matt Haycox has said he will match £1 for £1 
The support is unreal , we are so greatful to everyone 💙👣 #Teamalfie
Let’s get him them legs and get him walking 👣👣👣
#Let’sdothis #SDR #Leeds

Pools throw support behind @helpalfiewalk 

Pools throw support behind @helpalfiewalk campaign as the youngster enjoys his day as our guest of honour:

Practicing hi kneeling 

Alfie has been practicing high kneeling as its his only means of getting around In smaller environments. Alfie finds difficult balancing while moving, not knowing where his body parts should be such as his arms and posture and not separating his legs. 
This video shows how much work Alfie has put in by being able to learn to move around without falling, taking a huge 30steps! Massive achievement 👣 Keeping his arms down by his side rather than up clenched together, slowing himself down so he can move correctly learning to separate his legs as Alfie is unable to crawl(something else he is working on) 

All these little things are vital for Alfie to be able to take his next steps 👣👣

Thank you 

Good morning everyone Alfie wants to say Thankyou to everyone who has donated so far. 💙
We still need to work really hard to reach 50k we don’t have years to raise this money , infact time is ticking away, we have till end of June next year to reach the £50,000 because Alfie’s body is slowly deteriorating … 😕
Alfie will get Botox injections in February time which usually lasts around 4 months for Alfie then Alfie’s body will dramatically start to deteriorate after the Botox injections have worn off which will mean he most likely not be suitable for the SDR surgery.
Alfie deserves the chance to walk , to be able to bathe himself as he becomes older, dress himself, to become independent and live an independent life not heavily relying on his younger brother and mam. He has worked so hard over the past few years to get his body to the right stage for the Surgeon to say ” Yes ” 

Only one thing stopping it happening #50k
Please help us to help Alfie get that life changing operation to give him his independence or he will end up wheelchair bound 💙👣👣👣👣👣 
We have raised #5k

Each #1k = 1 step

We have took 5 steps so far …

Need another 45 steps then we can book that operation for Alfie 💙👣💙